It may be helpful to associate AWS IAM users with Saturn users in order to grant access to AWS resources (like S3 Buckets)

After creating the IAM user you should see a page like this:

Download the file to get a .csv file with the following environment variables:




Alternatively, if you have the AWS CLI configured on your machine, you can run the following commands:

For AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID run: aws iam list-access-keys

For AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY run: aws configure get aws_access_key_id

For AWS_DEFAULT_REGION run: aws configure get region

Now from the Credentials page of Saturn, you can paste in your AWS credentials and select who it is shared with by using the orange plus sign in the top right of the page:

For Administrators

If you are a Saturn administrator, you must select who the Credential is for. You can set the credential for your user, or any other user. You can also share the credential with "Everyone", which means that every user in Saturn will have access to these credentials.

If you are not a Saturn administrator, there will be no "Shared with" drop down, and the credentials can only be added to your own account.

For Reference

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