Subscribe to Saturn

Saturn is available in the AWS Marketplace. Once you subscribe, you'll be taken to the Saturn Cloud Deployment Portal, which will walk you through connecting Saturn to your AWS account.

Click "Next"

Create an IAM role for Saturn

Saturn uses an IAM role to manage resources in your account.  We provide a CloudFormation template to create the proper role.  Detailed instructions for doing so are here.

Configure Saturn

After you create the role and record the ARN, you're ready to configure your deployment.  Choose an "Organization Name", your "Work Email", your desired AWS region, and the ARN for the IAM role from the previous step to continue.

Deploy Saturn

Click "Deploy" and Saturn will install into your AWS account.  Installation takes about 15 minutes.  When it is complete, you will receive an e-mail instructing you to reset your password for the "admin" account on your new Saturn deployment.

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