Saturn uses an IAM role to connect to your AWS account.  We provide cloud formation templates to help you provision the appropriate role.

NOTE: Please, make sure your IAM user logged in AWS Console has enough perms to create a role.

In AWS Console, go to the CloudFormation section and click on the "Create stack" button (and choose the standard option "With new resources").

The next screen gathers information about the stack's template. Choose "Template is ready" option in the "Prepare template" section and then specify the template from our Amazon S3 storage:, as shown below. Please click on the "Next" button.

Please give this new stack a name. and click "Next"

On the next screen "Configure stack options", there is nothing to be done and it is safe to just click on "Next" button.

The last screen provides general info for your review. NOTE: please remember to acknowledge the notice by checking the box "I acknowledge that AWS CloudFormation might create IAM resources with custom names" and then please click on the "Create stack" button.

Once stack creation is complete, you need to grab the Role ARN value in order to continue with the deployment. You may find this info on the "Outputs" tab, where you can copy the string starting with "arn:aws:iam" (from the "Value" column).

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